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Professional Racing

We Offer Training for Racing enthusiasts to become Track Riders. We not only encourage professional Riders, we also welcome Amateur Riders with a heart to gain Track Experience.

Students of CRA gain exposure to Different Types of Bikes and Bike Mechanisms. Our Instructors are well experienced in Professional Track Racing. We give the best training, to turn Rookies into Professionals. There are 3 Stages of Learning which are tailored according to the needs of the students. Each LAP you cross, prepares you to be a better rider.

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At this stage we Introduce you to the basics of Track Riding. All you need to do is to empty your cup. i.e. to forget all that you have learnt on the roads and start fresh. Here you will be Learning about a Race Track I.e. Pit, Pit Exit, Pit Entry, Types of Corners, Flag Signals, Basic Riding & about the machines. There will be both Theoretical & Practical Classes in the ratio of 40:60 respectively.



We will Have a quick Recall of all the lessons that you’ve learnt on Basic Level. At this Stage you will be learning all the advanced techniques of proper Racing Lines, Cornering, Vision, Braking Techniques, Gear Shifting & Body positioning with both Theoretical and practical classes in the ratio of 50:50.



We will Have a quick Recall of all the lessons that you’ve learnt on Intermediate this level You will learn about Late Braking Techniques, Improved Body Positioning & Counter Steering. At the start & end of this session On-Track timings will be noted for each rider, their Performance will be evaluated and improved. Once You've Completed all three Levels. You will be a Professional Track Rider !

Completing Level 3 takes you here


Riders who are Interested to Take part in Any Racing events are Advised to Undergo Racecraft.  

Racecraft is all about Instructors who will personally instruct you theoretically and practically to improve your Racing Techniques, Lap time, Team strategy, Rider Strategy, Improving your timings and etc…


Kari Motor Speedway

Madras Motor Race Track

Meco Kartopia

Chicane Circuit

Go Karting Track - Malaysia


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